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Start date: 20 July 2017
End date: 30 September 2017


This consultation is now closed

We are consulting on new codes of practice for society and local authority lottery operators and ELMs to improve transparency for society lottery players.

We want lottery operators to provide consumers with more information about how lottery proceeds are used and for what good cause. The proposed requirements are:

  • to publish annually the percentage of all lottery ticket sales (proceeds) that are go directly to the purposes of the society (the good cause) or are applied to the purposes for which the local authority has the power to incur expenditure
  • those promoting lotteries, as part of a branded lottery scheme, to make it clear to consumers the name of the society whose lottery they are participating in, before they purchase a ticket.

The consultation also clarifies what we regard as instant win and low frequency lotteries, to reflect the changes made recently to the Remote Technical Standards, as well as reinforce the changes published as part of our review of regulatory data collection requirements. We expect all operators to be more transparent about the nature of the gambling products they offer to consumers, whether it is a lottery or a gaming machine.

Changes to lottery requirements will come as no surprise, in May 2017, Sarah Harrison, CEO of the Gambling Commission, told the lottery sector in her keynote speech at the Lotteries Council annual conference that:

“The role you play to generate funds for good causes; the motivation of those who support you, and the trust people put in you to deliver, places a high premium on the standards by which you need to operate - specifically the transparency of key terms, and contributions to good causes.

The law requires a minimum of 20% of proceeds in a lottery to be returned to good causes… We want operators to raise standards and to do more to make clear the scale of contributions to good causes… it is vital that ELMs and society lottery operators ensure sufficient information to make it clear to consumers which society lottery they are being invited to participate in.”