Registrations on the rise for personal maintenance checks

Press release

Date: 07 September 2012

People completing five-year maintenance checks with the Gambling Commission have been registering online in their hundreds to check their details and pay their fee.

Personal licence holders are contacted six weeks in advance of the date when their maintenance fee is due, using existing contact details. Of those people who have already received letters, approaching 400 have registered online and created a personal account at eServices-Personal via the Commission's website. Around 1 in 10 of those who have registered have already completed their form and paid their maintenance fee.

Payment must be made within 30 days of the fifth anniversary of a personal licence being issued and failure to do so may lead to a personal licence being revoked. Individuals who have held a licence since 1 September 2007 should have paid their fee and completed their checks by 30 September.

The Commission is also reminding licence holders that the identity requirements for the Criminal Records Bureau checks have recently changed. Some personal licence holders have provided identity documents that do not meet the CRB criteria and have been asked to send further details. See the Directgov website for details of the identity documents that can be used.

The Gambling Commission’s Programme Director for Licensing and Compliance, Sharon McNair said:

“The majority of personal licence holders are taking steps to pay their fee and complete their maintenance checks online.

“If you’ve held a licence since 1 September 2007 but have yet to complete your registration or hear from the Commission then you should urgently contact us via or on 0121 230 6666.” 

Further details on personal licences can be found at


Notes to editors

The Gambling Commission

  • 1. The Gambling Commission (the Commission) regulates gambling in the public interest alongside its co-regulators local licensing authorities. It does so by keeping crime out of gambling, by ensuring that gambling is conducted fairly and openly, and by protecting children and vulnerable people from being harmed or exploited by gambling. The Commission also provides independent advice to government on gambling in Britain. 
  • 2. The Commission and local licensing authorities are responsible for licensing and regulating all gambling in Great Britain other than the National Lottery and spread betting, which are the responsibility of the National Lottery Commission and the Financial Services Authority (FSA) respectively.  
  • 3. Holders of personal licences must pay fees to the Commission every five years to maintain their licences. As part of the five-yearly maintenance process, the Commission will need to check the continued suitability (eg integrity, competence) of personal licence holders. The fee for Personal Management Licence Holders remains unchanged at £370.
  • 4. See the Terms & Conditions section of our website for information on legal advice.

Further information

  1. Further information is available from the Commission's website. Contact us on (0121) 230 6700 or