Extension of deadline for submissions responding to first consultation paper for the Review of Research, Education and T

Date: 4 December 2007

The Gambling Commission has agreed to extend the deadline for submissions responding to the first consultation paper for the Review of research education and treatment - first consultation - November 2007 until Friday 11 January 2008. The extension came after consulting with stakeholders at the first RRET workshop held in Birmingham on Monday 26 November.

Rachel Lampard, The Gambling Commission Commissioner who is the lead Commissioner for the review said:

"I was grateful that so many key players from across the stakeholder spectrum attended the workshop, helping us scope the review and understand the issues better.

"This is the first stage in the consultative process and we have extended the deadline so that responses can now be submitted until Friday 11 January. 

"Once we have had the consultation responses and the evidence we are collecting we will publish an options paper on how priorities should be set and research, education and treatment commissioned and funded. 

"As we emphasised we have no preconceived views for or against a levy - but the industry needs to demonstrate that the voluntary approach remains a viable option."

The Commission is also considering the possibility of extending the length of the second consultation period that will take place after the issue of the second consultation paper.  A timetable is already available on our website and this will be updated should any further changes take place.