Who we are and what we do

Organisational information, structures, locations and contacts

Roles and responsibilities: NDPBs should be providing both outline and detailed information about their roles and responsibilities and the roles and responsibilities of those working in them at senior level.

Organisational structure: An explanation of the internal structures of the NDPB referring to its functions and how the structure relates to the roles and responsibilities.

Information relating to the legislation relevant to the authority’s functions: An explanation of the legislative basis of the activities of the NDPB. If appropriate an explanation of any legislation for which the NDPB takes the lead.

Lists of and information relating to organisations with which the NDPB works in partnership: It is expected that this information need be only sufficient for the purposes of identifying the relationship between these bodies and the NDPB. This will include the identity of the sponsoring government department.

Senior staff and management board members: Identification of, responsibilities of and biographical details of those making strategic and operational decisions about the provision of the NDPB’s services. Any biographical details that are not work related should be published only with consent.

The locations and contact details for the authority This should cover the NDPB at all levels from the central body to any offices open to the public for the conduct of the NDPB’s business. It always assists to provide a named contact where this can be done.

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