Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

I can't pay my annual fee, will I lose my licence?


Under the Gambling Act 2005, annual fees must be paid in full before the anniversary date of the issue of the licence. If not, the Gambling Commission must  revoke the licence. 

Although we appreciate that the current economic climate has impacted on licence holders, the Gambling Act 2005 does not allow for fees to be paid in arrears or by instalments.

If your licence has been revoked because of non-payment of your annual fee, but you wish to continue operating, you will need to re-apply. Until a new licence is issued, you should not conduct any activities previously carried out under your original licence.

If you re-apply for a licence, we will consider your past and present financial circumstances - this will include the resources likely to be available to carry out the licensed activities.

Further information about what you must do if you are presented with a petition for bankruptcy or insolvency is also available.

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