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I want to start a gambling business - can you approve my idea?


The Gambling Commission receives a number of requests from people seeking advice or approval in setting up a business. We do not provide legal advice, including advice concerning the correct interpretation of legislation. Therefore, we cannot advise you regarding the viability or legality of a business idea. It is up to you to obtain your own business or legal advice.

What we do

  • We make substantial information available via our website to assist you in forming  your ideas.
  • We clarify areas of obvious confusion, for instance, many enquirers are looking to apply for a lottery licence for a commercial business. However, lotteries are ring-fenced for good causes to use as a method of fundraising.
  • We can provide you with links to our website that indicates the sector into which your proposal appears to fall. This provides you with information about when a licence is required.

What we don’t do

  • We do not enter into discussions about developing your business idea to either be in or out of the scope of the Gambling Act 2005.
  • We do not provide advice or information other than that described above.
  • We do not provide advice on the feasibility of a business concept.

Further information on starting a business

Further information on starting a business can be found at:

If your business is gambling related and you do require a licence, further information can be found in the licensing section of our website.

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