Do I need a licence - remote (including online gambling)?


If you want to run a gambling service through remote communication (including online gambling), and any part of your remote gambling equipment is based in Great Britain, there is no single type of licence that you may apply to the Gambling Commission for. Instead, we offer remote operating licences for each type of gambling activity you might want to run. This includes:

You will also need any relevant personal licences, as explained in the gambling sectors above.

Do I need a licence if I am based abroad?

You do not need a licence from us to run a remote gambling service if all of your remote gambling equipment is located outside Great Britain, or if you do not advertise to consumers in Britain.

From 1 November 2014, if you are providing facilities for remote gambling, or advertising to consumers in Britain, you will need a remote licence from the Gambling Commission or you must be based in a whitelisted country or a country mentioned in the Gambling Act 2005. Currently, this includes:

  • EEA countries
  • Alderney
  • Antigua and Barbuda
  • Gibraltar
  • Tasmania.

Do I need a licence to gamble online?

You do not need a licence to use gambling websites. Our leaflet What to look out for when gambling online - November 2008 explains how to be safer when gambling on the internet.


Page last reviewed: September 2014