How do I apply for an operating licence - remote?


You need a remote operating licence from the Gambling Commission if:

  •  you currently run or want to run a gambling service through  remote communication (including online gambling) and any part of your remote equipment is based in Great Britain or
  • when the Gambling (Licensing and Advertising ) Act 2014 is implemented (1 November 2014), your remote equipment is based outside Great Britain and you advertise remote gambling to consumers in Britain through a British-facing business.

Remote operating licences are available for each type of gambling activity listed in section 65(2) of the Gambling Act 2005 that you might want to offer. You may apply for more than one type of operating licence in the same application.

When should I apply?

You cannot start running your gambling business until you have obtained all the necessary licences. For all remote licences this includes:

  • your operating licence.
  • any personal licences (if applicable based on key management functions of the operation, see operator licence application guidance notes section 3, question 11).

Therefore, you should submit your remote application as soon as possible.

If you apply for an operating licence, we will publish that you have applied on our operating licence register.

Find out how to apply for an operating licence below.

How do I apply?

If you are applying for a licence for the first time in Great Britain apply online using Application online – a new way of applying for licences.

You must also apply online if you currently hold a remote gambling licence or other form of remote gambling permit from an EEA, Gibraltar or white listed jurisdiction and want to apply to us under the transitional arrangements put in place for the Gambling (Licensing and Advertising) Act 2014.

An applicant will be presented with a choice of three reasons for making the application. They should choose either: 

  • new to gambling industry based in Great Britain – if the application they want to make is not related to transitional arrangements and they are based in Great Britain
  • new to gambling industry based outside Great Britain – if the application they want to make is not related to transitional arrangements and they are based outside of Great Britain
  • transitional arrangements - if the application they want to make is related to transitional arrangements, that is, they are currently authorised to provide gambling facilities into Great Britain because they hold a licence or authorisation from Gibraltar, an EEA or white listed jurisdiction. If they also want to add other activities as well as making the application under transitional arrangements, they should do this as part of the application under transitional arrangements.

If you hold a non-remote licence with us and want to apply for a remote licence you must apply online through our eServices-Operator system.

We will have regard to the previous history of an applicant and associated individuals when determining licence applications. Therefore please ensure that details of all investigations, convictions and cautions are provided.

A list of Schedule 7 offences under the Gambling Act 2005 is available on the website. You will also find related advice in our Licensing compliance and enforcement policy statement - September 2009.

What else will I need to complete my application?

As well as your completed online application, you will also need to send in:

  • supporting documents (originals or notarised copies) if you decide not to upload these as part of the online application. Originals will be returned by recorded or special delivery and will need to be signed for upon receipt) 
  • Disclosure and Barring Service (if you live/work in England or Wales) or Disclosure Scotland (if you live/work in Scotland) application form. Email or call our contact centre to get a copy of either form 
  • any  Personal licence application form - March 2014 or  Operating licence application - (Annex A) personal declaration form - March 2014 applications you are making.
  • proof of identity documents (originals or notarised copies) for individuals and proof of identity documents for the business if you decide not to upload these as part of the online application. Originals will be returned by recorded or special delivery and will need to be signed for upon receipt)
  • the licence fee if you decide not to pay online as part of the online application.

If your company is not based in Great Britain (GB), we will need a GB contact address.

If you do not send us all the information we require, we may reject your application.

We will not return your fee if your application is unsuccessful or you choose to withdraw from the application process.

How do I submit documents I decide not to upload as part of the online application?

You should post these to the address below quoting the applicant name and the unique application reference ID given to you during the online application.

You can type into the Annex A personal declaration form(s) or Personal Licence application(s) and print them out or print out a blank form and fill it in by hand in black ink. You should post these along with any supporting documents required for those forms to the address below.

Make sure if you have decided not to pay the personal licence application fee as part of the online operating licence application that you enclose a cheque or if paying by credit or debit card that you have completed the payment section at the end of the personal licence application form.

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Page last reviewed: February 2014

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