Prepare for proposed changes in the law under the Gambling (Licensing and Advertising) Act


The new Act, which comes into force from 1 November 2014, will require all operators that transact with, or advertise to, British consumers to obtain an operating licence from the Gambling Commission.
We are committed to ensuring those already legitimately trading with British consumers experience a smooth transition to the new system.

We will require operators to submit their application online

To help applicants prepare their application, and gather the necessary supporting documentation in advance, application forms and guidance notes are available below.

Applicants need to only answer the questions that are relevant to their business.   Please note that the forms are for illustrative purposes only and we will not accept a manually completed form other than in exceptional circumstances.

All applicants are required to submit their application online. The online service is dynamic and applicants are able to navigate through the application process in a way that reflects their business model and individual circumstances - skipping any questions that are not applicable. 

Applicants who already hold a Gambling Commission licence will only be presented with those questions that are shown as highlighted on the Multi-Jurisdictional Business Form (MJBF) and Jurisdictional Rider (JR) example forms shown above.



Page last reviewed: September 2014

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