Gambling sectors

Pubs (public houses), clubs, and other qualifying alcohol licensed premises


Clubs or miners' welfare institutes

Gaming machines fall into categories depending on the maximum stake and prize available.


Machine category




Clubs or miners’ welfare

institute (with permits)

Maximum of 3 machines in
categories B3A or B4 to D.
Only one of which may be a B3A machine

Qualifying alcohol-licensed



1 or 2 machines of
category C or D
automatic upon

Qualifying alcohol-licensed

premises (with

gaming machine permit)

Number as specified
on permit


Permits for additional gaming machines

In addition to their automatic entitlement, pubs and other alcohol licensed premises may apply to their local licensing authority for a gaming machine permit which allows the provision of additional machines. The number of machines allowed will be specified on the permit.

More information about the types of club permit available can be found on our website.

Page last reviewed: February 2013

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