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How much are operating licence application fees - gambling software?




You will need to pay a fee to apply for a gambling software operating licence.

Gambling software licence - application costs

If you run a gambling software business, we work out your application fee by the value of your annual gross sales. A non-remote gambling software licence lets you supply software by CD, DVD or memory stick for example.

  Annual gross sales
Less than £550k
£550k - £6.6m
Gambling software - application fee £977 £4,882 £16,274

Remote gambling software licence - application costs

If you supply gambling software through the internet or other remote means as a major part of your business, we work out your application fee by the value of your annual gross sales:

  Annual gross sales
Less than £550,000
£550k - £6.6m
Remote gambling software - application fee £6,346 £13,018 £16,274

Ancillary remote operating licence - application costs

If you are applying for a non-remote gambling software licence and you want to supply a small proportion of your software by email, you can also apply for an ancillary remote licence.

Remote ancillary licence - application fee £100

Do I get a discount if I apply for more than one type of licence?

If you apply for a combination of different types of licence which are either remote or non-remote (except for ancillary remote licence or linked licences), you will get a discount.

Use our fees calculator.

If you need to work out the fees for varying a licence please use this information.

How do I pay my licence application fees?

You can pay your fees:

  • by cheque or bank draft made payable to the Gambling Commission
  • by credit or debit card (please complete your card details on the application form).






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