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How much are operating licence application fees - casinos?




You will need to pay a fee to apply for a casino operating licence.

You should pay your operating licence application fee at the same time as you submit your operating licence application.

Operating licence - application fees

2005 Act casino operating licence

  Casino type
Small casino
Large casino
2005 Act casino - application fee £28,641 £37,591

You may apply for an operating licence that lets you run either a small casino, or a large casino (the large casino licence allows you to operate both large and small casinos).

Remote 2005 Act casino operating licence

You may apply for an operating licence to offer casino games by remote communication. The fees are based on annual gross gambling yield.

  Annual gross gambling yield
Less than £0.5m
£0.5m or greater, up to but excluding £5m
£5m or greater, up to but excluding £25m
£25m or greater, up to but excluding £100m
£100m or greater, up to but excluding £250m
£250m or greater, up to but excluding  - £500m
£500m or greater
Remote 2005 Act casino - application fee £2,933 £7,169 £11,274 £16,551 £26,641 £37,591 £63,671


1968 Act casino operating licence

If you run a casino which existed before the 1 September 2007, you should already have a licence from us. However if your licence details change, for example if your business structure changes significantly, you may have to pay a proportion of the licence application fee.

  Gross gaming yield
Less than £5.5m
£5.5m - £27.5m
£27.5m - £110m
£110m - £275m
1968 Act casino - application fee £6,509 £9,763 £19,528 £19,528 £19,528

Ancillary remote operating licences

If you want to run a minor part of your casino services at your land-based casino through remote communication, for example for hand held terminals, you may apply for an ancillary remote licence.

Remote ancillary licence - application fee £100

Linked licences

If you want to maintain or repair your own gaming machines, parts of a gaming machine or gaming software and doing so does not cost more than £50,000 a year, you may apply for a linked licence.

Linked gaming machine technical £165
Linked remote gaming machine technical £165
Linked gambling software £165
Linked remote gambling software £165

Do I get a discount if I apply for more than one type of licence?

If you apply for a combination of different types of licence which are either remote or non-remote (except for ancillary remote licence or linked licences), you will get a discount.

Use our fees calculator.

If you need to work out the fees for varying a licence please use this information.

How do I pay my licence application fees?

You can pay your fees:

  • by cheque or bank draft made payable to the Gambling Commission
  • by credit or debit card (please complete your card details on the application form).




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