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Complain to a gambling business

You can complain if you disagree with the gambling business about the outcome of your gambling transaction, or about the service you have received from them.

For example, your complaint might be about:

  • whether you have won
  • how much you have been paid
  • the way your payments were managed
  • terms and conditions
  • bonus offers
  • ID verification
  • closure of your account
  • decisions such as voiding your bet
  • IT issues
  • customer service issues.

How to complain

You should complain directly to the gambling business first of all.

  • Check any terms and conditions that are linked to your account or your gambling transaction.
  • Contact the business. You can find how to contact them, and their complaints procedure on their website. You can also complain in person at the premises (betting shop, arcade, bingo hall, casino).
  • You can also use our register of licence holders to find the head office address.
  • Follow their complaints procedure. Tell them all the information about your complaint, including dates, times and amounts. Share any evidence you have to support your complaint. Make sure you keep a copy of everything that you tell them.
  • They will follow their complaints procedure and investigate your complaint.
  • When the investigation is complete, they will tell you the outcome of your complaint.
  • If you are not satisfied with the outcome, you have the option to take your complaint to an alternative dispute resolution body (ADR). You will not have to pay to use the ADR.
  • You can use the ADR that is named in the complaints procedure, or you can ask them to tell you the ADR’s contact details. You must have gone through the gambling businesses own complaints process before you go to the ADR.
  • You can only use an ADR that the business has agreed to.

Complaint tools

You may also be able to use tools, such as*, to help you make your complaint. Resolver is a free online service and app that offers advice and helps consumers with their complaints. Gambling businesses are in the process of being added to the Resolver system


*The Gambling Commission does not endorse or promote Resolver’s services and has no responsibility for Resolver’s handling of your complaint.