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Occasional use notices (OUNs)

Occasional use notices allow a licensed betting business to provide betting facilities at a sporting venue for short periods of time without the need for a full betting premises licence.

  • Occasional use notices and point-to-point races  
  • Occasional use notices and sports stadia
  • Contrived sporting events 
GLA: Part 15 Occasional use notices

Point-to point organisers have a responsibility to ensure that commercial betting facilities at meetings are provided lawfully. 

For general betting facilities this means by holders of a betting operator’s licence. For pool betting facilities this means by the exclusive licensed operator Tote (Successor Company) Ltd or via a third party provider that has been issued with an authorisation by the Tote.  

Random inspections at point-to-point meetings are carried out to ensure that betting facilities are being lawfully provided. 

Most point-to-point meetings offer commercial betting facilities under an occasional use notice.  

Section 39 of the Gambling Act 2005

On receipt of a notification you should contact the person responsible or occupier of the track to remind them that betting facilities can only be provided by licensed bookmaker and seek assurance from them that only lawful betting will be provided.  

A point to point and hunter chase race calendar is available from the Point-To-Point Racing Company.  

Occasional use notices are for only eight days in a year  

OUNs can only be relied upon for a total of eight days or less in a calendar year. We recommend that you keep a record of the number of notices served in relation to each track/football ground etc.  

The limit applies to the venue and not the individual submitting the notice. Each notice must specify the day on which it has effect, and notices can be given in relation to consecutive days as long as the overall limit of eight days in a calendar year is not exceeded.  

Contrived sporting events 

OUNs are designed to permit licensed betting operators to provide facilities at genuine sporting events, within the boundaries of the identified venue on a specific date. Traditionally OUNs are used for point-to-point meetings, at cricket grounds or at golf courses hosting competitions.  

You should check that the betting operator has the appropriate licence from us and consider the nature of any event associated with an OUN and seek to establish details of the ‘sporting event’ taking place.