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Remote general betting (limited) operating licence

Regardless of where you are based in the world, you need a licence from us if:

  • you are providing facilities for gambling to consumers in Great Britain online (or through any other means of remote communication)
  • any part of your remote gambling equipment is based in Great Britain.

There is a remote operating licence for each type of gambling activity you might want to provide. 

This licence allows you to provide facilities for betting only over the telephone or by email (so you are manually processing the bet). 

You cannot be operating from premises for which a gambling premises licence is required, and the annual gross gambling yield from facilitating bets by telephone or email must not exceed £550,000. 

If bets are automatically processed by gambling software, or where any other means of remote communication is used to provide facilities for betting, or if your annual gross gambling yield exceeds £550,000, you need a remote general betting (standard) operating licence

Application fee remote general betting (limited) operating licence 

 Gross gambling yield


Up to £550,000

More than £550,000

Remote general betting (limited)


See remote general

betting (standard) real events

Annual fee

Your first annual fee is due 30 days after your licence is issued to you and every year on the anniversary of the day your licence was issued.

If you apply for a combination of different operating licences, you will get a discount on your annual fee. 

 Gross gambling yield



Up to £550,000

More than £550,000
Remote general betting (limited) - annual fee



See remote general betting (standard)  real events

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