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Remote bingo operating licence

Regardless of where you are based in the world, you need a licence from us if:

  • you are providing facilities for gambling to consumers in Great Britain online (or through any other means of remote communication)
  • any part of your remote gambling equipment is based in Great Britain. 

There is a remote operating licence for each type of gambling activity you might want to provide. 

This licence allows you to run bingo games on a website, through mobile technology, interactive TV services or radio technology. 

Ancillary remote operating licence

If you are applying for a non-remote bingo operating licence, but want to offer bingo by remote means, for example linking live games to electronic bingo terminals, you can add an ancillary remote licence to your main licence.

An activity is ancillary when that activity is only an additional or secondary activity to the specified licensed activity.               

Ancillary remote application fee: £100
Ancillary remote annual fee: no cost 

Activities you undertake in relation to the above licences may bring with them other licensing requirements in relation to gaming machines or gambling software

If you apply for one of these licences you can also apply for linked licences to help maintain your gaming machines and gambling software. 

Application fee remote bingo operating licence

 Gross gambling yield








Less than £0.5m

£0.5m or greater, up to but excluding £5m

£5m or greater, up to but excluding £25m

£25m or greater, up to but excluding £100m

£100m or greater, up to but excluding £250m

£250m or greater, up to but excluding  - £500m

£500m or greater

Remote bingo








Annual fee

Your first annual fee is due 30 days after your licence is issued to you and every year on the anniversary of the day your licence was issued.

If you apply for a combination of different operating licences, you will get a discount on your annual fee. 

 Gross gambling yield








Up to £0.5 million

£0.5m - £5m

£5m - £25m

£25m - £100m

£100m - 250m

£250m - 500m


Remote bingo - annual fee