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Linked licences gaming machine technical

If you already hold, or are applying for, a full operating licence you may also, in certain circumstances, apply for a linked licence

Linked licences allow an operator to conduct limited maintenance and repair activities in relation to the gambling facilities provided by the operator.

Restrictions on the activities that can be conducted under linked licences

  • A linked licence for gaming machines will allow you to supply, install, adapt, maintain or repair a gaming machine (or part of such a machine) but only in circumstances where you make those gaming machines available to customers on your own gambling premises (eg in an adult gaming centre or family entertainment centre)
  • A linked licence for gambling software will allow you to manufacture, supply, install or adapt gambling software, but only in circumstances where the gambling software is used in connection with gambling facilities (eg an online casino or sportsbook) provided by you.

Financial restrictions on linked licences

In order to ensure that linked licences are only used for activities that represent a small element of your business, there are financial restrictions. 

You cannot incur costs any greater than £50,000 per annum in any given year in pursuit of the activities authorised by the linked licence. The £50,000 cost includes for example the purchase of new parts or paying for new systems, along with labour costs. 

If your business conducts activities that exceed any of the restrictions outlined above, you will not be able to hold a linked licence and will instead need to apply for a gambling software or a gaming machine technical operating licence.

Types of linked licence 

Gaming machines

  • Linked non-remote gaming machine technical (supplier)
    Permits the supply, installation, adaptation, maintenance or repair of a gaming machine, or part of a gaming machine (including software) except where remote communication methods are used.
  • Linked remote gaming machine technical (supplier)
    Permits the supply, installation, adaptation, maintenance or repair of a gaming machine, or part of a gaming machine (including software) by remote means. 

Gambling software 

  • Linked non-remote gambling software
    Permits the manufacture, supply, installation or adaptation of gambling software for use in connection with gambling facilities except where remote communication methods are used.
  • Linked remote gambling software
    Permits the manufacture, supply, installation or adaptation gambling software for use in connection with gambling facilities by remote means. 

Examples of activities that may require a linked licence

  • Making changes that alter the category of the machine
  • A linked licence is not required if you arrange for these actions to be carried out by the licensed manufacturer/supplier. 

Actions that do not require a linked licence

  • Changing a power supply unit (like for like)
  • Where any device (storing game or system software) has been supplied directly from a technical licence holder for direct installation or use in automated installation, provided no modification of the software takes place outside the control of the technical licence holder and adequate security safeguards are used to ensure its continued integrity
  • Changing the front display of the machine (including glass or paper artwork but not software modifications for video display)
  • Changing display notices on the machine
  • Cleaning the machine
  • Clearing coin jams
  • Changing fuses
  • Moving the machine to a new location within the operators own licensed premises
  • Changing percentage, stake and/or prize settings (provided this does not require any software modification)
  • Swapping out components (like for like) provided that component cannot affect the outcome of the game (note acceptors, coin mechanisms etc) and that no software installation is required. 

Linked licence application and annual fees

Please note that discounts that normally apply to application and annual fees do not apply to linked licences (linked licences are already discounted versions of the gambling software and gaming machine technical operating licences).

Linked licence application fee

Linked gambling software
  Linked remote gambling software
  Linked gaming machine technical
  Linked remote gaming machine technical


Linked licence annual fee 

Linked gaming machine
  Linked remote gaming machine
  Linked gambling software
  Linked remote gambling software