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Recent and upcoming changes to Licence conditions and codes of practice

LCCP is not static - we update it to reflect developments in the industry or emerging evidence on the most effective means of promoting socially responsible gambling.

The areas of general compliance for all operators are listed on the top right of this page. For sector specific compliance scroll to the bottom.

Upcoming amendments to LCCP

We have published a new version of LCCP that incorporates the remote host operating licences that have been introduced following the 2016 fees consultation.

This LCCP took effect on 6 April 2017, but only host operating licences are affected.  

LCCP summary of key changes

Recent amendments to LCCP

The current version of LCCP incorporates amendments made as a result of the consultations which concluded in 2016 relating to crime, to placing digital ads responsibly and to controlling where gaming machines may be played. 

LCCP summary of key changes - October 2016

LCCP also continues to reflect the amendments previously made as a result of our Strengthening social responsibility review 2014 – 2015

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