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Making changes to an existing operating licence

You need to tell us when things change with your business. Some changes can be reported as key events, but others will require the details on your licence to be amended.

Application to vary an operating licence

If you need to amend a detail on your operating licence you must submit an Application to vary. Some variations can be submitted using our online eServices but others will require you to complete a paper form.

Applications to vary an operating licence can take up to eight weeks to process, providing full information is submitted and the application fee is paid. The fees for varying a licence are at the bottom of this page.

Changes completed via eServices

Use eServices if you need to change these details on your licence: 

  • adding or removing a licensed activity
  • change of fee category
  • adding a key person if in conjunction with one of the above changes. 

Changes completed via application to vary form

For all other changes to your operating licence you must complete an Operating licence application to vary form. Guidance notes are available.

If you are adding key personnel the person being added must also submit an Annex A personal declaration or apply for a personal management licence.

Adding a new person to your licence

You may need to add a new person to your operating licence, for example, if the ownership of your business changes, you employ a new person in a qualifying position or you want someone to take bets on your behalf.

Where there has been change to the ownership of the business or new investment has been sought for the business, you should also consider if you are still holding the correct licence and that the licence covers all the gambling facilities that you offer.

Adding or removing key personnel (schedule X)

You may need to add or remove key personnel, for example if you have taken on additional managerial staff.

For all operators except those classed as a small-scale operator:

Betting: Adding a representative (schedule Y)

Any person who accepts bets on your behalf must have a contract of employment with you and either:

  • hold a betting licence themselves
  • appear on the schedule Y of your licence.

The holder of a general betting licence is already authorised to accept bets on behalf of another licence holder and therefore does not need to be named in schedule Y of your licence.

If you are an on-course bookmaker you may want to add a representative who can take bets on your behalf you must:

The person being added to schedule Y as a representative must have submitted an Annex A personal declaration and a DBS form.

Removing a key person or representative 

If you are removing a key person from schedule X or a representative from schedule Y of your operating licence, you must:

How much does it cost to make changes to my operating licence?



Adding a licensed activity

25% of standard licence fee

Amending a licensed activity - increasing licence categories


Amending a licensed activity - decreasing licence categories


Removing a licensed activity


Changing details (requiring a new licence to be issued)


Additions of a schedule X/Y

£100 per person per licence. Where multiple licences are held, a £25 fee will be charged for any additional licences.

Removal of a schedule X/Y

£25 per person per licence 

Adding a condition

25% of standard licence fee

Amending a condition

25% of standard licence fee

Removing a condition

25% of standard licence fee