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What you need to send us when you apply for an operating licence: remote/online businesses

If you are a remote/online business these are the additional supporting documents you will need for your application for an operating licence for your gambling business.

These supporting documents are in addition to the requirements for either small or medium to large businesses making an application. 

Additional supporting documents for a remote/online business

Compliance with remote technical standard (RTS)

An explanation of how you will comply with each relevant RTS and IPA requirement in our remote gambling and software technical standards.


Confirm which markets you will target if a licence is granted and the legal advice that has been obtained to confirm that gambling is permitted in these jurisdictions.

Process flow chart

A flow chart should demonstrate the end-to-end process from when a person registers, to the settlement of the bet and the pay-out of any winnings, with a commentary of the activities that happen at each stage. The flow chart and commentary should include any third party providers, for example, payment processors. Depending on complexity it may be possible to combine the system diagram with the process flow chart.

System diagram

A system diagram should show the location of key remote equipment, who provides and operates this equipment, and how this equipment is used to deliver gambling facilities.

Testing strategy

Procedures that show how you will comply with the testing strategy for compliance with remote gambling and software technical standards. The procedures should include the identity of a third party test house or a declaration of compliance with good practice if testing is to be carried out in-house.

Payment providers

We expect you to satisfy yourself that the payment providers you use are legal and appropriate. We expect you to carry out due diligence for the payment services which you use.

This means you must satisfy yourself that any payment service you wish to use is either:

  • authorised or registered by the FCA
  • exempt from the Regulations
  • authorised or registered with a regulator in another EEA jurisdiction.

If one of the options above does not apply, further due diligence should be carried out so that you can satisfy yourself the payment service is appropriate.

The FCA keeps and makes available on their website a register of those they authorise in this area as do their equivalent regulators across the EEA.

The condition will not prevent you from accepting payments from consumers using the provision of a service that is excluded from the definition of a payment service as per Schedule 1 Part 2 of the Payment Services Regulations.

In other words, the condition does not prevent you from using a payment processor which is based outside Europe or which is not registered by the FCA or an EEA equivalent. In this case, however (as set out above), you must satisfy yourself that the payment provider is legal and appropriate, and be prepared to demonstrate to us how you have done so.