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Find operating licence holders

The Gambling Commission publishes details of applicants for an operating licence (remote and non-remote). You can search for details of operators whose licences have been granted and applicants for a licence. Whilst an application is pending we give applicants the opportunity to ask for confidentiality if there are good reasons. As a result it may not provide comprehensive details of every application we have received.

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Find personal licence holders

The Gambling Commission publishes a list of granted personal licences. This list displays the licensees in alphabetical order. There are two types of personal licence:

Personal Management Licence

A Personal Management Licence (PML) is required by all persons who occupy a specified management office in respect of the holder of an operating licence. Those who are responsible for such management functions, whatever their actual job title, will require PMLs, unless exempt under the  small-scale operator exemption.

Personal Functional Licence

A Personal Functional Licence (PFL) is required by those individuals who perform any function which enables them to influence the outcome of gambling, or relating to the receiving or paying of money in connection with gambling.

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Premises licences

Information on premises licences can be obtained directly from the relevant licensing authority. In addition, we have a database of premises licenses consisting of information submitted by licensing authorities. 

We cannot provide any assurance on the completeness and accuracy of this data.  For accurate premises information, Licensing Authorities should be contacted directly as they will each maintain an accurate and up to date register.

An extract of the database is published on the first week of the month:

Premises licence database extract - October 2014

The extract lists premises which the Commission has been notified of as having an active premises licence (shown as ‘ACTIVE’ or ‘GRANT’) and those that we have been informed are at application stage (‘APPLICATION’).  It also lists premises that are subject to an application to vary the licence (shown as ‘VARIATION’).

The premises database extract is provided for the use of interested parties in accordance with the open government licence terms and conditions.      

Page last reviewed: December 2013