Gambling advertising rules and regulations


Review of gambling advertising rules

CAP and BCAP are undertaking a review of gambling advertising rules.

We have published our letter to the CAP and BCAP Director, along with a summary of our response, to the request for recommendations for additional research for consideration within the scope of the review.

Permission to advertise gambling in Great Britain

Permission to advertise gambling in Great Britain is restricted to operators licensed by the Gambling Commission, operators from EEA jurisdictions - Gibraltar and whitelisted jurisdictions (Alderney, Antigua and Barbuda, Isle of Man and Tasmania).

Gambling operators wishing to advertise must comply with the advertising codes of practice which apply to the form and media in which they advertise their gambling facilities or services. This is a requirement of our ordinary code of practice provision for gambling operators.

We have produced the Guide to gambling advertising codes - September 2010 which summarises the three advertising Codes of Practice:

Details of how the codes of practice were developed and what each cover are outlined below:

CAP/BCAP codes

Codes of practice set by the Committee of Advertising Practice (CAP) and the Broadcast Committee of Advertising Practice (BCAP) cover the content and placement of advertising and ensure that gambling advertising is socially responsible. The codes are available on the CAP website.

The rules make clear that advertising should not be aimed at children and young people and that it does not leave vulnerable people open to exploitation or harm. Compliance with these rules is monitored by the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) who investigate complaints about advertising. The ASA can judge whether advertisements breach the rules and take action to remove these advertisements.

Details of how to make a complaint about a gambling advertisement are available in the complaints section of our website.

Industry Code of Practice

Industry code of practice for advertising - August 2007 should also be followed by gambling operators.

Sponsorship of British sporting clubs by foreign gambling operators

A growing number of British sports clubs are obtaining sponsorship deals with gambling providers based outside Great Britain. A short advice note on gambling sponsorship is available to help sports clubs stay within the law: Sponsorship of British sporting clubs by foreign gambling operators - advice note - September 2009.

Gambling Advertising Monitoring Unit

The Gambling Advertising Monitoring Unit (GAMU) has been re-established as a collaborative working forum (comprising the Gambling Commission, Ofcom, ASA and PhonepayPlus) committed to working together to share information and address matters of concern.

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