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Past answers to FOI requests 2017

Where we believe an FOI request has a wider public interest we publish it on our website.




Information on test purchasing carried out by the Gambling Commission

10 March 2017

FOI Response - Mystery shoppers

Breakdown of online and retail self-exclusion data

6 March 2017

FOI Response - Online and retail self-exclusions

FOI Response - Online and retail self-exclusions attachment 1

Request for full report on which the Camelot decision was made

17 February 2017

FOI Response - Camelot fine report

Gambling machine operator information

17 February 2017

FOI Response - gambling machine operators

Free entries to ITV comps and Lotto lucky dip winners

10 February 2017

FOI Response - ITV   competitions and Lotto lucky dips

Senior manager structure at the Gambling Commission

10 February 2017

FOI Response - senior managers and above

Lottery winners in SK postcode

10 February 2017

FOI Response - NL Lottery winners in postcode location

Historic drop and win data  

8 February 2017

FOI Response - Historic drop and win data

Current finance systems in place

3 February 2017

FOI Response - Finance systems

Online vs retail lottery winners

2 February 2017

FOI Response - online and retail winning lottery tickets

1) Self-exclusion data
2) Police incidents
3) SARs logged by the Gambling Commission
4) Fines imposed/licence revocations/complaints received
5) Children and vulnerable people
6) Key events submitted
7) Information held on SARs

February 2017

FOI Response - various queries


FOI Response - Various requests - Attachment 1

Complaints received regarding betting accounts

25 January 2017

FOI Response - online betting accounts complaints

Further action taken following footballers placing bets

24 January 2017

FOI Response - Footballers placing bets

Historic drop and win data

24 January 2017

FOI Response - Historic casino data

Figures relating to historic breaches of FOBT terminals

19 January 2017

FOI Response - FOBT breaches

FOI Response - FOBT breaches Attachment 1

Camelot's bid to win the Third National Lottery Licence

18 January 2017

FOI Response - Camelot licence

FOI Response - Camelot licence Attachment 1

National Lottery sales figures in different areas

24 January 2017

FOI Response - NL in different areas

FOI Response - NL in different areas Attachment