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What is compliance?

An important part of the Gambling Commission’s work is to ensure that licence holders are compliant. Compliance requires licence holders to understand and act in accordance with:

What is our approach to ensuring compliance?

Our compliance process concentrates on the effectiveness of licence holders' self-regulation. The type of compliance activity we undertake includes:

  • carrying out reviews and visits
  • giving specific advice or guidance to licence holders
  • taking remedial or preventive action
  • varying or imposing additional licence conditions
  • reviewing financial information.

Our approach to compliance is set out in our Licensing, compliance and enforcement policy statement and Statement of principles for licensing and regulation:

Licence holders who are not compliant

Licence holders who are not compliant risk regulatory action| being taken by us. 

Equally, licence holders and individuals who are unco-operative, or less than open with us, can expect higher levels of regulatory intervention. Where necessary we will exercise our regulatory powers. The Terms & Conditions section of this website contains further information on legal advice|.

Page last reviewed: April 2014

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