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Regulatory action

What regulatory powers does the Gambling Commission have?

The Gambling Commission has a range of powers which we may exercise following a review including:

  • issuing a warning to a licence holder
  • attaching an additional condition to a licence
  • removing or amending a condition to a licence
  • suspending a licence at the outset, or following a review
  • revoking a licence
  • imposing a financial penalty following breach of a licence condition. 

Regulatory decisions procedures and guidance for the Regulatory Panel| 

Statement of principles for determining financial penalties| 

Guidance on regulatory decision making after a licence review| 

What regulatory action has the Gambling Commission taken?

We publish a list of operator and personal licence holders who have had a regulatory sanction imposed on them.

Please note that sanctions will only be published in the register once decisions have been communicated to the individual or operator involved and any objections to publication have been duly considered.    

Regulatory sanctions register - operators|

Regulatory sanctions register - personal licences|


The Gambling Act 2005 established the Gambling Appeals Tribunal (GAT) which was transferred to the First–tier Tribunal (Gambling)| in January 2010 following reforms of the Tribunal system by the Tribunals Courts and Enforcement Act 2007.

The First-tier Tribunal (Gambling)| is an independent body set up to hear appeals against the decisions of the Gambling Commission.


Page last reviewed: October 2014