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Application online

Application online| is for applicants who are applying for a remote licence from the Gambling Commission.

Such applicants must apply online| and can no longer apply using a manual application form.

If you want to apply for a non remote licence at the same time, you must also apply online| for both licences and can no longer apply using a manual application form.

An applicant will be presented with a choice of two reasons for making the application. They should choose either: 

  • new to gambling industry based in Great Britain – if the application they want to make is not related to transitional arrangements and they are based in Great Britain 
  • new to gambling industry based outside Great Britain – if the application is from an applicant based outside of Great Britain 

If you hold a non-remote licence with us and want to apply for a remote licence or if you hold a remote licence with us and want to make certain changes to that licence, you must apply online through our eServices-Operator| system. If you are applying for a non-remote licence only, you can also use Application online but you can still use our manual application form if you want to.

Application online is set up, for reasons of security and data protection, so that only the person who registered to submit an application can access and complete the application.  If an applicant wants to use an external representative to complete their application, that representative should complete the whole application as the registration and application password will only be sent to the email provided by the person who has registered to submit an application (ie in such cases, the representative). There is no facility to create multiple passwords for different people to access the application.

Understanding how the service works

We understand prospective licence applicants may want to try the online application service out, to understand how it works and what is required, before using it to submit an application.

To avoid confusion and so that it is clear to us that the application is a ‘test run’ rather than a genuine application, we request that you do the following:

  • Record the applicant name as something along the lines of ‘TEST and your name’
  • When you get to the end of the application make sure you do not submit the application
  • If you subsequently want to submit a real application, start a fresh application and delete the ‘test application’.

This test run facility is only available for Application online. There is no test run facility available for existing licence holders using eServices-Operator to apply online. However, both systems are very similar – the main difference is that eServices-Operator will display certain information that we already hold about existing licensee so you don’t have to provide that information again.

Page last reviewed: September 2014

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