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Application online

Our licence application service now allows all applications to be made online – for an operating licence, a personal licence, or submitting an Annex A declaration.

For operating licences

Operators new to the gambling industry may be based in or outside Great Britain.

A new applicant for a remote operating licence must apply online via the online application service.

An operator applying for a non-remote operating licence only, should use the online application service or may submit a manual application.

For personal licences or Annex A submissions

Applicants for a personal functional licence, a personal management licence or wishing to submit an Annex A application should do so online using the online application service.

We provide guidance for using the online application service.

The online licence application process


Application online for an licence from the Gambling Commission is set up, for reasons of security and data protection, so that only the person who registers to submit the application can access and complete the application.  If an applicant wants to use an external representative to complete their application, that representative should complete the whole application as the registration and application password will only be sent to the email provided by the person who has registered.

Understanding the online application process

Prospective licence applicants may wish to try out the online application service; to understand how it works and what is required, before submitting a genuine application.

To avoid confusion and so that it is clear to us that the application is a ‘test run’, we request applicants do the following:

Record the applicant name as something along the lines of ‘TEST and your name’ 

When you get to the end of the application make sure you do not submit the application 

If you subsequently want to submit a real application, start a fresh application and delete the ‘test application’.

Making changes to an existing licence

Any changes to an operating licence, a personal licence or an Annex A, should be made online via eServices.

Page last reviewed: April 2015

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