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Sports Betting Intelligence Unit (SBIU)

Why do we need the SBIU?

The SBIU is a unit within the Gambling Commission which deals with reports of betting-related corruption. It was set up as part of the recommendations in the 2010 Report of the Sports Betting Integrity Panel (commonly known as The Parry Report). 

The past few years has seen a global increase in reports of betting integrity issues, particularly in sport, which have been well documented in the media. While evidence of corrupt betting integrity in the UK has so far been limited to what appear to be isolated incidents, we cannot afford to be complacent. 

Consumers must have confidence and belief that when they place bets with UK licensed operators they are doing so on markets that are fair and free from betting related corruption.

Central to this is collaborative working across the industry to understand the potential threats and help protect the integrity of sport and betting. The SBIU contributes to this collaboration.

What does the SBIU do?

The SBIU collects information and develops intelligence about potentially corrupt betting activity involving sport. Members of the SBIU receive information from a number sources which includes (but is not limited to) alerts from operators about suspicious activity on betting markets, concerns from sports governing bodies or tip offs through our confidential intelligence line.

The SBIU focus is on potentially criminal activity that has at least one of the following elements:

  • it relates to an event in Great Britain
  • it involves parties (athletes, officials, participants, and so on) based within Great Britain
  • betting has occurred with a Gambling Commission licensed operator.

The intelligence that the SBIU gathers informs our decision making process. The SBIU will share, where appropriate, specific intelligence or information with other partners (for example, betting operators, sports governing bodies, overseas regulators, and so on) both nationally and internationally.

In some cases this information may then be used by these bodies in their investigations  - for example a sports governing body investigating a breach of their sports rules or code.

Our intention is that the SBIU will help bring together the intelligence efforts of partners and play its part in protecting sport from corruption.

Occasionally offences of cheating (as defined under the Gambling Act 2005)| will be investigated by the Commission’s Enforcement team.

Find out more about the way we work in our Sports Betting Intelligence Unit terms of reference.  |

What powers does the Gambling Commission have?

The Gambling Commission, and therefore the SBIU, is empowered to undertake investigations and bring prosecutions regarding criminal offences under Section 42 of the Gambling Act. If convicted, a person could face up to two years in jail plus a fine.

How can I report suspicious activity?

Suspicious activity can be reported direct to the SBIU at| or on 0121 230 6666. Alternatively, you can call our confidential intelligence line on 0121 230 6655.  

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