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Our values and culture

It’s only by respecting the contributions of colleagues that we’re able to learn and grow as an organisation and we are set on making the Gambling Commission a great place to work and putting our employees at the heart of helping us to make that happen.  We have signed up to Ways of Working and also have a set of values that we believe strongly in.

Our four values and behaviours are:

Fair – We will be consistent, proportionate, evidence-based and free from bias, prejudice or discrimination in all that we do.

Accountable - We will be open about the way in which we work and reach decisions in the public interest, while safeguarding the personal and confidential data that we hold.

Professional - We will ensure that we have the right skills and knowledge base and follow international regulatory best practice.

Constructive - We will work positively and courteously with our internal and external stakeholders to ensure that their needs and views are taken fully into account in all we do.

Our culture

As an organisation our culture is always developing and it is highly influenced by our change programme which is fully underway. We’ve listened to our employee feedback from the annual and mini engagement surveys. As a result we have started a leadership development programme to focus on establishing effective and inspiring ways of working to influence how all employees operate.  

We achieved a 95% response rate in our 2016 employee survey, which is a fantastic and commendable result. It shows our employees believe we will listen to what they say. Since the results in 2015 we have made a massive amount of change and it is evident in the feedback received in 2016 that we are making those changes obvious for our employees to see and experience.

Gambling Commission employee survey results 2016

We care about our employees

We provide a fully communicated people strategy, an employee assistance programme, restructuring of roles and reporting lines to improve opportunities for our employees and regular and informative internal communication such as a weekly news summary, opportunities to chat with the leadership team including the chief executive and topic-based employees briefings.

In 2016 we held our first ever learning and development week which involved a very interactive networking day where all employees could meet with other departments for some educational and fun sessions.