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About gambling software

What is gambling software?

Gambling software is defined by the Gambling Act 2005 as computer software that is used in connection with remote gambling (including online gambling) but does not include anything for use solely in connection with a gaming machine.

The Commission has published a note entitled What is gambling software? to provide information on:

  • the definition of gambling software
  • when a licence will be required
  • additional licences gambling software businesses may need
  • technical standards.

If you are unsure whether the software you are manufacturing, supplying, installing, or adapting is gambling software, you should take legal advice to help make the assessment.

Technical standards

All gambling software (eg a slots game) must meet the Gambling Commission’s remote gambling and software technical standards if it is made available to customers via for example, an online casino in reliance on a Gambling Commission operating licence.  The gambling software must be tested in accordance with the testing strategy prior to the game being made available for use.

However, if the gambling software (for example, a slots game) is only ever supplied to operators licensed in other jurisdictions it does not need to comply with the Commission’s remote gambling and software technical standards. Instead it must meet the technical and testing requirements of the jurisdiction it will be made available to players from.

More information about the gambling industry is available in our industry statistics.

Transitional provisions: Gambling (Licensing and Advertising Act) 2014

The Commission has identified that there is a significant difference in respect of the requirement on auto-play functionality between the Commission’s RTS and the technical standards in other jurisdictions from where operators can currently legally operate in the British market.

We have considered this position and as a result we will not require compliance with the auto-play requirement as set out in the RTS from the date that licences are issued. Therefore operators will not have to make changes to the auto-play functionality of their games until further notice. Information on this has been provided in the online gambling FAQs.

Page last reviewed: June 2014

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