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Submit a regulatory return - Bingo

What are regulatory returns?

The Gambling Commission collects a range of information from licence holders within the gambling industry in order to:

  • monitor compliance with gambling legislation, regulations and the licence conditions and codes of practice
  • inform our understanding of the industry. 

This information is provided to us, by licence holders, via the completion of regulatory returns.

How do I make a regulatory return?

Regulatory returns should be completed through our online regulatory returns system. Guidance is available throughout the online regulatory returns system.

Paper versions of the forms and guidance are available to download in the table below. If you would like help completing a paper form, please contact us:


Licence typeSectorFormsGuidance
Bingo Bingo - remote    
Bingo - non-remote Bingo annual regulatory returns form Bingo annual regulatory returns guidance - June 2011
Regarding acquisition/disposal of premises

If you complete the paper version, this should be posted to us at:

Regulatory Returns
Gambling Commission
Victoria Square House
Victoria Square
B2 4BP

When are regulatory returns due?

  • A return needs to be completed for each type of activity for which a licence is held. For example, if an individual holds a licence authorising betting and bingo, two returns will need to be completed and submitted, one for each activity.
  • If a licence holder has ceased trading in any particular activity, or has not yet started to trade, but still holds a valid licence at the time a return is due, a NIL return must be submitted.
  • Licence holders who are required to submit annual regulatory returns should complete and submit their regulatory returns within 42 days of their year end. You may choose to complete regulatory returns according to your business year.
  • Licence holders who are required to submit quarterly regulatory returns should complete and submit their regulatory returns within 28 days of their period end.
  • The frequency with which regulatory returns need to be made, depends on the type of gambling business:


Bingo operators Annual
Remote bingo operators Quarterly


Page last reviewed: April 2013

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