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Can I play poker in a village hall or church hall?

You can also play poker at your local village hall or church hall as long as you comply with the conditions for private gaming, that is:

  • You do not charge for participating or take any money from the stakes or prizes. This is the case whether the fee is expressed to be voluntary or compulsory, particularly if players are prevented from playing if they do not make the “voluntary” donation, or there is strong peer pressure to make the donation.
  • The public do not have access to the venue. Note that a member of the public becoming a member of the church simply in order to play would not change their status as a member of the public - this would no longer qualify as private gaming.

There is no limit on the stakes and prizes when playing poker in a village hall or church halls.

You can also run a poker night for charity.

Page last reviewed: June 2012